About the Gleaning Hub

The Gleaning Hub is our members portal used by LifeCycles staff, volunteers, and Tree Stewards to help make the harvest process easier. It is responsible for:

Storing information about trees
Self-scheduling of tree assessments and picking
Tracking harvest data

On the Gleaning Hub, Tree Stewards can edit information about their property and trees, make pick requests, and track their harvest stats. Because the Gleaning Hub tracks harvest stats and saves information about trees, it helps make it easier for returning Tree Stewards to estimate the ripeness date of their trees!

Once the Harvest Coordinator approves a pick request, our Harvest Leaders use the Gleaning Hub to self-schedule a date and time to pick the tree. Fruit Pickers can then select which outings they want to join.

LifeCycles staff members also use the Gleaning Hub to track harvest data, manage volunteers, and plan an effective harvest!

Fruit Tree Project Stats

We have picked 142 lbs of fruit so far this year.

Last year we picked over 30,703 lbs of fruit.

110 trees have picks requested. 9 trees ripen in the next 2 weeks including: Plums, Apples

So far this year 58 outings have been planned.