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Powered by volunteers, our Fruit Tree Project imagines the urban orchard as a place where we all create abundance together. Each year hundreds of volunteers harvest and share tens of thousands of pounds of fruit. More than just fruit harvesting, our project also connects people in caring for place and each other. All Fruit Tree Project volunteers have an opportunity to take home fruit.
Our region's farmers are brilliant, hardworking folks who produce an amazing diversity of foods. But not all of this food makes it to market every week. LifeCycles provides a volunteer gleaning service to help rescue and share surplus farm produce with our community networks in a way that works for farmers. Each of our farm relationships are unique. Most often, we match farm gleaning volunteers with a particular local farm and train them to make weekly pick ups. Having your own vehicle is an asset. We also organize the occasional farm harvests, and send volunteers to help farmers bring in a crop.
The Welland Legacy Park houses a community orchard that is the largest & most diverse in Canada. Together with the Town of View Royal and dozens of volunteers, we are working to create a new model of public park stewardship, protecting and nurturing this local treasure. We provide hands-on education to volunteers who are trained in sustainable food production, fruit tree maintenance and native pollinators, to care for and restore this unique heritage orchard.
Learn, grow, eat and share. For over 20 years, LifeCycles has been partnering with social service agencies to offer practical food and garden education to community members. These programs support local food systems and foster food justice awareness throughout our community.
For over 20 years, Growing Schools has been sowing seeds with elementary school children in Victoria, sharing knowledge and hands-on experience with the next generation of agricultural enthusiasts. Our vision is a garden in every school where children, teachers, parents and community members gather to learn and grow together.
A partnership between LifeCycles and the Greater Victoria Public Library, the Victoria Seed Library is a way for hobby and beginner gardeners to share seeds and steward a regionally adapted seed collection. Together we are working to keep seeds in the public domain and support food security and biodiversity.

Fruit Tree Project Roles

Our dear Harvest Leaders are the backbone of this whole beautiful thing. It’s also the perfect role for the volunteer hoping to sink their teeth a little deeper into the juiciness of the fruit harvest. In this role you get to: schedule when and what you pick, drive the LifeCycles van, coordinate volunteers onsite, document the harvest, and of course pick fruit! view details
Sweet and simple, help us pick fruit (and take home a portion for yourself)! You’ll receive training from a harvest leader on site at your first pick. view details
Our Fruit Sorters are the lynchpin in our Community Sharing Model. Volunteers come together twice a week to grade the harvest and redirect it into the community. Volunteers are welcome to drop in on either weekly fruit sorting session. view details
With thousand of boxes of fruit flowing through the project, keeping our warehouse well stocked and organized is key to the smooth functioning of this program. We have an unending need for boxes to hold the harvest and welcome anyone able to collect wine boxes on our behalf. Popeye had spinach, our superheroes tend to be fuelled by a rich diversity of local fruits.
Help us to gather information about trees in your neighbourhood to ensure the success of our harvests. And just because you’re not directly involved in the picks, doesn’t mean we won’t fill your boots with fruit! view details

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